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Reinventing retirement, together.

As little as 5% of your retirement savings can give you a personal pension for late-life financial security.

Savvly is designed to provide peace of mind through late-life payouts. Protected by the largest asset management firms, Savvly removes the uncertainty from retirement planning.

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Why Savvly matters

63% of today’s 65-year-olds can expect to live past 90.*

66% of people run out of money before they reach 85. Even wealthy investors can outlive their savings if they aren’t prepared.**

Less than 3% of retirement accounts have long life protection.

What Savvly is (and isn't)

It’s a private personal pension that can provide payouts made up of market returns and long-life bonuses.

It’s not an insurance policy. Unlike life insurance, it pays you while you're still alive.

It’s a tax-efficient way to hedge against the expenses that come with a long life with just 5% of your retirement savings.

It’s not an actively managed fund. It’s a private, pooled investment in an ETF.

Savvly late-life payouts help provide peace of mind in retirement, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

It’s not an annuity, but still provides income for long-life protection.

How Savvly works

The Pool

First, you invest around 5% of your savings in the Savvly pool. It's invested in a low-cost, equity index fund.

You retain ownership of your original investment and its market performance.

The Payout

The Savvly pool performs as the market dictates and returns growth over time.

At payout age, you receive your original contribution, its market returns, and your Savvly bonus determined by the same actuarial science insurance companies profit from.

The Return

Savvly pays in-kind-returns, so there is no tax event until liquidation. At liquidation, you can take advantage of the long-term capital gains tax rate.*

Investing just a small amount in Savvly can make a huge difference in your future.



“I was worried about how long my standard retirement savings would last. Savvly payouts can help me retire with confidence earlier than planned, so I can spend more time with my granddaughter.”

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