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The private,
social security of your future.

Savvly late-life payouts are designed to return 2-3x more than investing in the same funds without Savvly.

Retire early, boost your spending, or invest the rest of your portfolio more aggressively, knowing you’ll be less likely to run out of money in old age.

All with as little as 5% of your savings.

What Savvly is (and isn't)

It’s an alternative investment that can pay out market returns and long-life bonuses.

It’s not an insurance policy. It can provide significant payouts while you’re still alive.

It’s a tax-efficient way to hedge against the expenses that come with a long life, built on as little as 5% of your savings.

It’s not an actively managed fund. It’s a private, secure investment in an ETF that tracks the S&P 500.

Savvly late-life payouts can give you financial confidence at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

It’s not an annuity, but can still provide a sizable income stream for long-life protection.

How Savvly can help you


Late-life payouts consist of two sources of return: both market gains and uncorrelated long-life bonuses


Helps you retire early or spend more now, expecting more money at your scheduled payout ages


Helps you not outlive your savings or become a burden on your loved ones

What you can experience

Meet Sally, your Savvly AI advisor

Download the app for bite-sized learning modules on how Savvly works and how you can invest

Designed to provide outsized returns

Invest as little as $100/month or up to 10% of your total portfolio

How You Invest

  • Starting is easy. Set up a monthly draw or invest a small fraction of your savings just once.
  • Your money, alongside other Savvly investors’ contributions, is automatically invested in a low-cost ETF that tracks the S&P 500.
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  • The market dictates performance with returns building over time.
  • Investing is currently available to accredited investors who earn more than $200k per year (or $300k per year with their spouse), have a net worth of $1M or more, or are an investment professional.
  • Coming soon, accredited investors can invest right through the Savvly app.

How You Get Paid

  • When you reach your payout ages, you’ll get payout on each predetermined birthday.
  • Similar to traditional Social Security, the longer you live, the more you can get over time.
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  • Your payouts consist of your original investment, its market returns, and your Savvly long-life bonus.
  • Savvly late-life payouts are designed to return 2-3x more than investing in the same funds without Savvly, as long as you live until your payout ages and do not withdraw early.
  • You’ll get in-kind returns, so there is no tax event until liquidation, when you can take advantage of the long-term capital gains tax rate.*

How It's Possible

  • When some investors withdraw or pass away early, their market returns (and in some cases, potentially a small fraction of their initial investment) are reallocated to other investors.
  • Savvly estimates payouts through the same actuarial science insurance companies use, but with enhanced benefits for investors.
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  • The Savvly long-life bonus is uncorrelated with the market and comes from the reallocation of residual funds from early withdrawals.
  • If an investor withdraws or passes away before their planned payouts start, they or their beneficiaries would receive 75% of their initial investment + 1% for every year with Savvly. Their market returns (and any remaining portion of their principle, if applicable) would be reallocated to the other Savvly investors.
  • By taking on this minor risk with a tiny portion of your portfolio, you can invest more aggressively in the short-term while protecting yourself from living your final years in frugality. 
  • For a limited time, you can withdraw penalty-free for the first two years. After that, early withdrawal terms apply. The standard early withdrawal period is one month.

How You CAN Feel Safe

  • Your investment is always held safe with the largest asset management firms, like Vanguard.
  • Your ETF shares are held in custody not by Savvly, but by an independent third-party custodian.
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  • Savvly is an alternative investment structured as a Limited Partnership. 
  • Savvly does not manage the investment fund. Our role is to manage the payouts and the reallocation mechanics among Savvly investors.
* Savvly does not provide tax advice; please consult your tax professional.

Join the movement and be part of the next big thing.

Finally, a retirement option that can deliver greater returns.

What you can experience

How Savvly works

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Crunch the numbers to see how far a tiny fraction of your retirement savings can go.

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