Savvly Update: Our New Brand

March 13, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand! If you’ve been following us for a while, you know Savvly is committed to creating a better system for everyone saving for retirement.

The retirement industry has room for improvement, and we’re on a mission to fix it. At Savvly, we believe that everyone should be able to retire with confidence.

Our new brand reflects our innovative vision and our commitment to empowering Americans with a smart and safe retirement solution. The new look represents our core values of empowerment, safety, innovation, approachability, and wisdom. You’ll notice warm orange tones and wavy lines throughout. The color is meant to embody our approachable yet different identity, while the lines nod to the U.S. dollar and represent sophistication.

We believe that better financial products should be accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth status. Our new brand is human and inclusive, with imagery to match. Savvly’s sans-serif fonts speak to simplicity, bringing clarity to a first-of-its-kind product.

We can't wait to continue to build on it and deliver a better retirement solution for the masses. 

Dario Fusato & Tony Derossi

Savvly Co-Founders

About Savvly

Just 5% of your portfolio can give you a personal pension for late-life financial security. Savvly is designed to provide peace of mind through late-life payouts. Protected by the largest asset management firms, Savvly removes the uncertainty from retirement planning and provides a financial safety net when it’s needed the most. 

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